Bears look to continue winning streak against hapless Jaguars

After thoroughly thrashing the Dallas Cowboys in the mecca that is Dallas Cowboys Stadium, the Chicago Bears are not willing to rest on their laurels when they meet the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

The Bears defense are coming into this game ranked 5th in points allowed, 2nd in sack percentage and 4th in interception percentage.  Credit longtime LB’s Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher lead the team with 21 tackles each, but they themselves credit the overall team defense.

“The one thing that stands out is our defensive line; our pass rush,” Briggs said. “We have been getting after a lot of quarterbacks. It’s hard to be successful offensively if the defensive line is getting the pressure they’re getting.  Offenses are all about timing. If our defense is getting up to that second level and moving quarterbacks, either getting them on the ground or making them throw the ball before they want to, that is glaring for me. That is the one thing that stands out.”

It should be noted that 13 of the Bears 14 sacks came at the hands of the defensive line. A point Urlacher made clear.

“Anytime you can play zone coverage and get pressure with four, you get more sets of eyes on the quarterback,” Urlacher said. “They can break on the football, and I think that’s why we’ve gotten the picks. The sacks are coming, obviously, (but) even when we’re not getting sacks, we’re getting pressure, which is a good thing.”

The Jaguars, who won against the Colts in week three have lost to the Vikings, Texans and Bengals and are now looking to make changes to the team’s lineup against the Bears.

“Wherever we have to,” Coach Mularkey said when asked if changes would be made.  “If somebody’s playing better than someone else we will make the change, yes.”

Be sure to get your tickets to the Bears next home game, October 22nd game against the Detroit Lions.