The Shocking Arrest of Sam Hurd

Even if you don’t know Hurd the way — he writes that he came across as an affable, religious guy who even has tattoos quoting scripture — reading is an eye-opening experience. If the charges end up being true, , it ranks up there with the biggest scandals in N.F.L.-related jurisprudence, and really, any day the name Rae Carruth comes up is not a good day in the N.F.L. It is hard to imagine the level of invincibility a professional athlete must feel to try that kind of double life, but again, if the complaint is true, Hurd had a high level: he called the police to request his $88,000 back after they had seized it from his car, even though there was a stash of marijuana along with the cash.

From the Bears’ point of view, it’s hard to imagine this season getting any more bizarre, but that perhaps the team could have steered clear of this one had it been a bit more diligent in checking on Hurd before it signed him as a free agent last summer.

If you pried your eyes away from that story Thursday night, you could have watched an N.F.L. game, although it did involve the Jaguars, so it wasn’t much of a game. The Falcons looked impressive, maybe even enough to qualify as a threat to the Packers in the N.F.C., but , this was against the Jaguars.

There was still much to talk about in the N.B.A. in the day after the trade of Chris Paul to the Clippers, mostly because people have a hard time believing they’re talking about the Clippers. He arrived in Los Angeles Thursday, and bringing Clippers fans hope, something they have had precious little of, . As , just being relevant is a big step, but they may have even started to tip the balance of power in Los Angeles.

It is not just the Lakers, however, still grumbling about all of this. that the Clippers’ gain is ill-gotten because of the N.B.A.’s manipulation of this trade, and writes that everything these days is suspect, including how the Clippers landed Chauncey Billups off waivers.

In case you thought the Dwight Howard situation had quieted in Orlando, Howard chimed in to remind everyone he . It might not be a bad idea, , because players these days seem to be swinging better deals to build teams than the general managers.

The N.H.L. season might provide a bigger distraction to all of that were it not sending a ridiculous number of its players to the disabled list with head injuries. The latest blow — literally and metaphorically — came with the news that Flyers defenseman n with postconcussion syndrome, and no one knows . It does, however, further the idea that N.H.L. contracts should carry warning labels from the surgeon general the way packs of cigarettes do.

IndyCar racing has long been thought of as dangerous, confirmed tragically by the death of driver Dan Wheldon this year. The report on the investigation of that crash came out Thursday, pointing out a lot of safety questions involving racing on ovals, , and that racing officials now have no excuses for not acting to make the tracks safer.

And as sad as the whole Jerry Sandusky/Penn State case is, it did offer a moment that made you laugh Thursday, if only because the only other alternative was crying: Sandusky’s new lawyer, Karl Rominger, splashed onto the scene by that Sandusky was showering with children to teach them how to shower. Hearing the instant howling about that one, Rominger is now saying .

Much like the Hurd allegations, this is stuff you couldn’t make up if you tried.

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