The End Seems Near for Brett Favre

His last gasp as a Viking started as one last chance to end his career heroically and ended with his head slammed to the icy turf. His concussion should end all debate about Favre’s future, even with his superhero powers of delusion. after the game, but his claim to wisdom probably ended with his attempt to start this game, which, , was just dumb. that it was obvious Favre was not going to fade quietly into the night, so it took a big hit to finally knock him out.

The flip side of this was the Bears’ joy. Their victory clinched a division title, which seemed even sweeter for having to go through Favre to get it, . As , the soundness of the victory should show how tough a playoff team the Bears will be, and they have finally showed they are not just lucky. It is a safe guess, however, that playoff teams will not be kicking the ball anywhere near Devin Hester. The Vikings looked as if they had been given a little something on the side so Hester could for career return touchdowns.

Hey, at least the shivering Vikings fans looked like they were having a good time in their return to the great outdoors, and they were rewarded with of an old hero, Bud Grant.

In the sigh-inducing department, N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell did another poor job of hiding how badly the league wants this “investigation” of Favre’s alleged lewd texting habits to go away. Goodell said Monday that Translation: “Favre will finally be out of our league in a few days. Leave us alone.”

Favre has company in his N.F.L. misery in the Giants, who tried to make sense of their monumental collapse against the Eagles with quarterback for the first time. Surprisingly, punter Matt Dodge still has a job, and that as big a mistake as Dodge made, Giants Coach Tom Coughlin made the bigger one by making a spectacle of yelling at him on the field.

The N.B.A.’s current focal point of confusion is currently in Orlando, where the struggling Magic pulled off a huge trade to shake up the team, . That trade brought in Hedo Turkoglu and , but , making this work is going to take time. The Miami Heat know all about the time it takes to get new players in sync, and even though LeBron James’s crew has been hot lately, it did manage in a loss to Dallas on Monday night, in which it missed seven straight shots.

At least Heat and Magic fans have not taken to throwing waffles at their teams, . The San Jose Sharks are not perpetually terrible (until the playoffs, that is) but they may have produced the for their fans.

If you are looking for intelligent life in college sports, perhaps you would like to be thankful for Penn State’s football coach, Joe Paterno, . Don’t go sniffing for it around Louisville’s basketball coach, Rick Pitino, who has decided to .

Perhaps he and Favre can go have a chat about that.

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