Some Vikings and Bears Players Complain About Frozen Conditions

Tuning out the complaining, however, might require those airport-strength ear coverings (you know, the ones that drown out a jet engine). It is a wee bit understandable for the Vikings to be ruffled by their faulty dome. They most likely spend the winter permanently encased in some sort of thermal bubble to survive Minnesota weather, but the louder howls might be coming from the Bears. This is despite the fact that, last we checked, they play their home games outdoors in Chicago, which no one is confusing with Aruba.

But , the Bears don’t actually relish Bear weather. the move as detrimental to player safety, and the over playing on a frozen field. To , it shows a lack of toughness for football players to complain about the cold — he considers it the best throwback game ever. The people who should be complaining are Vikings fans. Not only have they had to endure two seasons of “As Brett Favre Turns,” the team asked them to volunteer to shovel snow from the Minnesota stadium this week. Worse, attending Monday night’s game in those frigid temperatures just to get in the stadium because it holds 51,000 and the Vikings have 64,000 season-ticket holders. They’re doing it on a first-come-first-seated basis. Oh, and Minnesota sells no beer at its stadium.

Thursday night’s N.F.L. game featured no frostbite because it was played in San Diego, where the only ice is in the margaritas. It featured the Chargers, who are on a scary tear toward the playoffs, , and the 49ers, who are just frightful. It did feature a rather , who took the brunt of the laws of physics.

Like football, hockey teams have to deal with the cold, and they have to deal with coaches who swear a lot in HBO shows. Following in the mold of the Jets’ Rex Ryan, the Capitals’ Bruce Boudreau spices up the network’s “24/7” series leading up to the Winter Classic clash with the Penguins in a way . The Islanders’ dismal season has horrified not only mothers but nurses as well, with how the players got an earful from the staff while visiting sick children at a local hospital.

Baseball fans, meanwhile, are busying themselves with the hot stove league, which these days has been scalding the Yankees. On the northern flank, to its free agency haul while Philadelphia still savors its theft of Cliff Lee. In a heartwarming move, , Kerry Wood took a major pay cut to return to the Cubs, and in a less-than-heartwarming scene, Edgar Renteria sniffs that . The Yankees are left hoping pitcher Zack Greinke won’t freak out at a trade to New York, with of trying to figure out Greinke’s head.

At least he has no reason to whine about playing an outdoor game in Minneapolis. Keep the ear muffs handy.

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