Jets Keep Things Interesting

The notable exception to this is, of course, the Jets. They are an endless fountain of stories, a collection of characters who make “Animal House” look like a Boy Scout meeting. This creates a problem for people who are not predisposed to like Fireman Ed and who do not get instant heartburn upon hearing the words Rich Kotite. For everyone else, the Jets are at once the most riveting team in the playoffs and the most maddening. does an excellent job of detailing this duality, although he eventually falls to one side. The Jets in these playoffs are comparable to Venus Williams in the Australian Open. Before she she was the most compelling player in the field, but part of what made her compelling was her . We’re sort of sorry she’s gone, but we have less of a headache.

Many would feel the same way if the Jets were to lose to Pittsburgh on Sunday. There would be no more for linebacker Bart Scott, whom lauds not just for his infamous rant or his prodigious trash-talking but for also being a locker room leader. We won’t hear about to the Super Bowl or how allowed this season to happen. And how did we entertain ourselves before wondering just what Rex Ryan would pull next?

Yes, there are other story lines in the two championships, as , and the Bears-Packers clash does have its charms. The good part is, , any Super Bowl combination that comes out of these games will be compelling.

And yes, the Australian Open is still compelling even without either Williams sister, although it is fair to pause and wonder how much longer the oft-injured sisters will keep going. Venus in particular, , seems to be nearing the end of the road. The , though, as everyone’s relieved eyes wander back to the men’s side.

Hockey’s news did little to relieve anyone’s anxiety, least of all the Los Angeles Kings, whose after a questionable reviewed goal. The stress level in Denver went up when Avalanche forward because of blood clots in his lungs. He had been playing spectacularly since being traded from Washington, where the owner Ted Leonsis reminded us why everyone likes him so much, for Fleischmann’s speedy recovery. How many owners care enough about a player they just traded to write a blog post about them. Uh, one.

If you are into heartwarming thoughts, you might find one in the fact that a homeless man’s run of terrible luck took a small detour when he . O.K., so a $3,500 gift card isn’t a life-changer, but hey, small victories are better than none at all.

Now you can go back to wondering whether a Jets victory would be big, small or just annoying.

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