Giants Knock Out Another Quarterback

Really, this is getting silly. Monday , after the Lions’ Shaun Hill, the Panthers’ Matt Moore and the double Bears knockout of Jay Cutler and Todd Collins. This is all well and good for Giants fans, who , are now cheering for one of the toughest teams in the league, but not so much for the league as a whole. Hard to pull in many casual fans flipping around the dial and landing on a game quarterbacked by Jon Kitna, although hilariously Dallas receiver after Monday night’s game that Kitna was every bit as good as Romo. He also has a bridge to sell you.

The quarterbacks get a breather this week with the Giants’ bye, making Seattle’s Matt Hasselbeck the next to walk this gantlet. He will start sleeping poorly in about a week.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Monday night’s game was the line that formed afterward to declare the Cowboys’ season over. Never mind that everyone declared it over last week when they dropped to 1-4. Suddenly, though, 1-4 looked darned good and 1-5 became the new tipping point for , , and The .

Dallas now moves into a special place of N.F.L. misery with the Vikings, who are now pondering whether , breaking his starting streak and installing Tarvaris Jackson under center, and New Orleans, whose meltdown to Cleveland prompted that the Super Bowl champions appear to have affixed a stamp to their season and are stuffing it in a mail slot. All over the league, coaching moves are making scratch his head in befuddlement, with Minnesota’s Brad Childress leading his list of boneheadedness.

Before moving on to other news, we pause in memory of Paul the octopus, the multiple-legged oracle of the World Cup, who in Germany at the ripe old octopus age of 2 ½. They were even mourning his death .

Baseball’s oracles have moved on to predicting a completely charming (read: low television ratings) World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers. Not only do we get a wonderful clash of cultures between the two cities, as but we get to watch one franchise pull itself out of a history of sad sackery, . is savoring a series minus the Northeast’s usual powerhouses and said all those people who say they are sick of the Yankees and the Red Sox get to prove it now.

For the Giants, Tim Lincecum will move on to center stage as the Game 1 starter, but , the really crazy pitcher you should all be getting to know is closer Brian Wilson. Texas, of course, is fixated on Cliff Lee, whose impending free agency adds another layer to his story. , Yankees fans did not make a terribly good impression on his wife during the American League Championship Series.

Until the World Series starts, you can temporarily occupy yourself with the , almost all of which revolve around LeBron James. He officially started his image rehab with the release of a Monday, but that the only thing that will work is if the Heat wins.

In more sigh-inducing news, for the radical, establishment-shaking move of wearing pink whistles to raise breast cancer awareness.

On a cheerier note, the rescued against their rescuers and government officials, including President Sebastián Piñera. Fortunately, no one celebrated a goal by climbing in a car that was parked alongside the field, as .

That car, by the way, might come in handy at Giants games for quick quarterback getaways.

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