Chicago Bears – The Team

Founded in Decatur in 1919, the team now known as the Chicago Bears moved from Decatur to Chicago in 1921. The team has eight championships to their credit, one of which is a Super Bowl; the rest were won before the merger. Although they may not have the most championships in the league, they do hold a record for the most Pro Football Hall of Famers, with 27.

Rivalries with the Chicago Bears include their run-ins with the Chicago Cardinals, which date back to before the two teams even resided in the same town. It is the oldest in the league, and played a large part in several of the Bear’s championships that were won against the Cardinals.

Probably the most famous and storied rivalry in football is that between the Bears and the Green Bay Packers. It began in 1921, when the owner of the Bears got the Packers expelled from the league in order to prevent them from signing a player who later signed with the Bears as a result. The Packers were readmitted to the league after the signing.

After the Bears had been located in Wrigley Field for fifty years, they finally decided they had outgrown the facility, moving instead into their own home, Soldier Field. The name Soldier Field is a memorial to American soldiers who have lost their lives in war. The stadium had been built in the 1920s, but did not become home to the team until 1971. It has been rebuilt twice in its lifetime, most recently in 2003. There were many mixed feelings about the remodel and it caused the stadium to lose its designation as a National Historic Landmark, but the facilities had been in dire need of modernization.

On game day, the Chicago Bears not only entertain the fans with their fantastic performance on the field, but also with tons of fan giveaway, contests, trivia, and a drum line. The drum line can be found before and after the game in the parking lot as well as during the game inside the stadium. They also make appearances at events throughout the community.

In their community, the Chicago Bears have been active in helping their neighbors in need. Focusing mainly on disadvantaged children and their families, the team has created the Bears Care Foundation, which has granted millions to charities promoting education, health, and medical research into diseases such as cancer.

The Chicago Bears are a fascinating and exciting team. They not only have a rich history full of interesting moments and facts, but also play a great game of football. The extra entertainment at games and at community service programs in their area serve to encourage the fans and give back a little of what the team receives from their fans every football season.

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