Bears win again

With so much talk about whether Jay Cutler was indeed the man to take the reigns of the Bears at the beginning of the season, it surprises no on the squad that he has led them to back to back 4th quarter victories.   Last week’s victims were the Cincinnati Bengals.  This week, the cut ran much deeper as they ran the same drill against NFC North rivals Minnesota Vikings.

 “He’s just ice cold, man,” Brandon Marshall said. Marshall also added that he calls Cutler “Mr. Fourth Quarter.”  ” So, I really appreciate and am grateful to play with him.”

Head Coach Marc Trestman was impressed with his QB’s work.

“He had moments of adversity in this game and he never flinched and the guys around him never did, either,” Trestman said.

This week, the Bears take on the hapless Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football.  Great tickets and seats are still available!

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