Bears open preseason tomorrow against Dolphins

The Chicago Bears plan on getting back to smash mouth football and it all begins with their running game and back Matt Forte.

“When you run the ball, it’s more like an attack feeling,” Forte said, per the Chicago Sun-Times. “They like smash-mouth football, where you can bloody somebody’s nose and run and hit people. And then as a running back, you can get rhythm and kind of wear on defenses and wear them down, where that pass rush will be a lot less harder in the fourth quarter.”

With the return of the run game to the offense, it is less likely you will see quarterback Jay Cutler having to throw 50 times a game.

“I think myself, the rest of the quarterbacks and the rest of the offense for that matter really like what we’re doing right now,” Cutler told reporters Tuesday. “We really enjoy the coaches, being around them. There’s a lot of energy from this group. So it’s fun day-in and day-out.”

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